Category: Films

Purkyně’s Dusk

* ongoing project, super8 colour film, silent, 2019 *


* Ongoing project, film and video, 2019 *

Hier sollte der Film eigentlich enden

Video 4:3 from analogue slideshow, colour, sound, 3:42 min., 2015.


Video Series, ongoing


Video 4:3, colour, sound, 23min., 2014-2015.
Experimental documentary made in collaboration with Sweny’s Chemist Dublin Joycean reading society.


Digital video from VHS footage, 4:3, 4:23 min., colour, sound, 2001-2012-2015.

La Plage Verte

Video from VHS, 4:3, colour, sound, 18:50 min, 2012