*Ongoing Project, analogue photographs, 35mm, b&w, colour and slide*

Tenants develops the concept of borrowed or occupied space through a multi-media project including photography, text, and video. The project researches the diverse ways in which human, formal, visual, and textual bodies adapt to the boundaries of the spaces they inhabit, both within the page and amongst themselves.

As in several of my previous works, photographic images are selected from a personal archive, continuously built over the past 10 years into a library of rearrangeable shapes and forms. This method, akin to collage and found-footage editing, allows me to detach the action of recording from the theoretical and formal considerations at work when creating a photo-book or installation, while preserving the autonomy of each element used.

The images presented show figures contained within structured environments or traces of the passage of bodies through framed landscapes. They will be installed alongside a currently ongoing video piece and a series of short texts combining spacial memories and cinematic impressions (three examples are available below).

tenant resides in a property owned by someone else. Derived from the French “tenir”, to hold, it is an inherently temporary position, replaceable by definition and conditioned by external forces. These ill-fitting appearances of conditioned bodies and historical dwellers act as placeholders for a cultural space in constant transformation. They are fragile lodgers, from wall, to page, to screen.

With particular Irish historical resonance and with contemporary significance in the current economic landscape, this project attempts, through analogy rather than through illustration, to echo and to reinterpret the anxieties of the transient occupation of both physical and cultural spaces.