Category: Moving Images

ends meet

Ongoing, 16mm film and digital, 2024


Ongoing, super8 and digital, 5min., 2024

Man of Aral

16mm film, hand tinted, optical sound, 6:36 min, 2023

Purkyně’s Dusk

Digital 2k from Super 8mm colour and toned and dyed b&w footage, silent, 9min., 2021

Laoi Shuibhne|Sweeney’s Lay

Ongoing, film and digital

Shade New Light

Camera Obscura, 15min, digital HD 16:9, colour, Lisbon, March-April 2021

Hier sollte der Film eigentlich enden

Video 4:3 from analogue slideshow, colour, sound, 3:42 min., 2015


digital video series, 2014-2015


Video 4:3, colour, sound, 23min., 2014-2015


Digital video from VHS footage, 4:3, 4:23 min., colour, sound, 2001-2012-2015