Toned and dyed silver prints on photographic paper, 20/30cm, 2019.

Halftone Print Fair 2019, The Library Project, Photo Ireland.

Toned and dyed silver print on fibre-based Ilford paper, framed, 32,5/42,5 cm, 2018. Project supported by the Emerging Irish Artist Residency Award at the Burren College of Art.

A diptych of images created solely by analogue means and its digital equivalent are presented in opposite sides of a room, questioning each other’s techniques of mechanical reproduction.
The pictures present an unnatural tree, an electric pole covered in ivy from the Burren landscape in Clare, Ireland. A black and white analogue photograph was first taken and the resulting silver print was toned in yellow and dyed with cyan to resemble a digital print. The final effect is of unsettling similitude, where objects and techniques are perhaps not what they seem.

“Helena’s book of photographs, each of which can be appreciated individually on first glance, or poured over to unveil their hidden layers. And her images from the Burren that mimic each other from opposite sides of the room, each set created using completely different printing techniques.” 
David Donohue, opening of Barnacle collective exhibition at Burren College of Art in 2018.