* ongoing project, super8 colour film, silent, 2020 *

Currently in production with LIGHTCONE Atelier 105 Residency in Paris


“Initially one sees only black and grey. Then the brightest colours, red and green, appear darkest. Yellow cannot be distinguished from a rosy red. Blue looks to me the most noticeable. Nuances of red, which otherwise burn brightest in daylight, namely carmine, cinnabar and orange show themselves as darkest, in contrast to their average brightness. Green appears more bluish, and its yellow tint develops with the increasing daylight” (New Contributions, Jan Evangelista Purkyně, 1825, pp. 109–110)

Purkyně’s Dusk is a new experimental short film based on the visual effect of decreasing colour perception on low light conditions discovered by the Czech physiologist Jan Evangelista Purkyně.