Transition Year Course facilitator, Hugh Lane Gallery, January 24th-February 2nd 2023
Atelier Cinéma, ENSA Villa Arson and Collège Fabre, Nice, 13th-23rd March 2023

Chronophotography Workshop at Photo Museum Ireland
for the exhibition “I See a Darkness” by Katherine Waugh & Fergus Daly (supported by Science Foundation Ireland), November 11th 2022

PULL (Photography and Urban Living Landscapes)
Secondary Schools Photography Project, designed and delivered by Helena Gouveia Monteiro for the Hugh Lane Gallery Education Programme 2022-2023

People’s College Lectures at the Hugh Lane Gallery
Avenues into Modern & Contemporary Art Course — Insights Into Photography from the 19th to the 21st century
Stillness and Motion, a Photographical Paradox, 12 November 2022
An exploration of the history of photography, experimental cinema and media, 5 February 2022.

Summer School, Bones In The Attic, Hugh Lane Gallery
Process based workshop—Word, Image, and Object as Record and Memory, August 2022

Lux Critical Forum Dublin screening prgramme at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, co-curated with Michelle Hall, July 2022

Research Paper «Media Archaeology as Film Practice – the Werner Nekes Collection» published in the International Journal on Stereo & Immersive Media, Vol. 5 No. 1 (2021)

Podcast Series, Hugh Lane Gallery:

Coffee Conversations, Hugh Lane Gallery:
Homage to the Square Aglow, Josef and Anni Albers, 19 January 2022
Loose Ends V, Willie Doherty, 17th November 2021
Brighton, 20 July, 1824, John Constable, Wednesday 20th October

“On Forgery”
Artist Take Over, Hugh Lane Gallery

Collage Workshops for Photo Museum, with Laura McMorrow and the collective Stereo Editions 2020-2022

Online Workshops, Hugh Lane Gallery, 2020-2022
Dissolving Pictures
Animated Paper Cut-Outs
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