Ongoing project, s8mm colour and b&w and digital, sound, approx 20 minutes

A reinterpretation of the myth, the literary legacy, and the enduring thematic resonances of the Buile Suibhne — the medieval Irish tale of king Sweeney, cursed into madness to wander the land as a bird, fleeing the company of humans and seeking refuge with the local fauna and flora.

Unsettled by the early Christian church bells, Sweeney abandons his throne for a birdlike life among the echoes of his exile and anxiety. Ambiguously airborne, he leaps from forest to forest, reciting lyrics on the various trees and only locatable once a year when he returns to Glen Bolcáin, the valley of lunatics, in which all the madmen of Ireland instinctively converge “once their year in madness is complete”.

Film shooting in Fingal and Bronze bell casting at Leitrim Sculpture Centre.

Garrulus glandarius (Eurasian Jay), National Museum of Ireland – Natural History

This project was developed with the LUX Project Bootcamp at Berwick Film Festival and received support from the Professional Development Residency at Leitrim Sculpture Centre, the Artists Bursary for the Development of New Work from Fingal County Council, and the Fire Station Artists’ Studios Digital Media Residency Award 2020.