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Purkyně’s Dusk

* ongoing project, super8 colour film, silent, 2019 *


* Ongoing Project, analogue photographs, 35mm, b&w, colour and slide, 2019 *

The Still

Photo-magazine, limited edition, 2017


* Ongoing project, film and video, 2019 *

Hier sollte der Film eigentlich enden

Video 4:3 from analogue slideshow, colour, sound, 3:42 min., 2015.


Toned and dyed silver prints on fiber based ilford paper, framed, 32,5/42,5 cm, 2017.


Video Series, ongoing


Video 4:3, colour, sound, 23min., 2014-2015.
Experimental documentary made in collaboration with Sweny’s Chemist Dublin Joycean reading society.


EST is a cine-concert project in collaboration with french visual artist Juliette Liautaud

From Eye to Hand and Back Again

Stereoscopic Video Installation, ongoing research on stereoscopic screening devices. Double video projection, mirrors, wood structure, 2014-2018. * Installation Vidéo Stéréoscopique, recherche en cours sur des systèmes tridimensionnels. Double…