Photo-magazine 2017
40 pages, Colour laser print on glossy paper, A4, Perfect bound
50 copies (signed and numbered)

This photographic and editorial project combines a series of images shot in different locations across Europe from 2014 to the present, exploring both the concept of instant photography and the presence of textual elements within images.
With a passing reference to Neoplasticism’s publications “De Stijl”, its cover repurposes an Irish country pub window into a self commenting photographic image where the text is integrated as both form and title.
Other images use fleeting forms, frozen within the frame and indistinguishably combined with inert taxidermied bodies or minerals in museum collections.

40 pages, Impression laser couleur sur papier brillant, A4, Collée
50 copies (signées et numérotées)

Magazine photo créé à partir d’une série de photographies prises entre 2014 et 2017 dans divers pays. Ce projet développe le concept d’instantané et la présence d’éléments textuels au sein des images.